Silvestr 2018: Queens of Everything, Dirty Blondes, Time Shifters
31.12.2018, RockCafe

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DSC_5423_Time Shifters
DSC_5424_Time Shifters
DSC_5425_Time Shifters
DSC_5426_Time Shifters
DSC_5427_Time Shifters
DSC_5428_Time Shifters
DSC_5429_Time Shifters
DSC_5431_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5432_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5433_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5434_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5435_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5436_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5437_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5438_Dirty Blondes
DSC_5439_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5440_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5441_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5442_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5443_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5444_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5445_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5446_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5447_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5448_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5449_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5450_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5451_Queens Of Everything
DSC_5452_Queens Of Everything
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